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Frequently asked questions
Definitly yess! In our experience of teaching we have noticed that those people who feel safe to stay in the water tend to do well. The minimum age recommended to try this sport is 8 years old, and we’ve seen people learning this sport even at 70!!
Not at all! All the power that comes from the kite goes to your harness and is balanced by your body weight, you just use your arms to control the kite, much like a paraglieder controls a parachute.
Of course! Our kiteschool offers the “kite trial day” where you will learn basic part of the theory of the sport and you will even try to fly a kite by yourself, experiencing the wonderful feeling of this sport.
Kitesurf is actually an easy sport. The avarage student is trying his first waterstart on the board after 4-5 hours of coaching, if not sooner! Usually the avarage student manage to ride comfortably both ways, upwind and starts with the turns after more or less 10 hours of coaching. Any other watersport’s knowledge helps the learning process, same for snowboarding and skateboarding.
Sunglasses, preferably with a floating strap. Sun protection, board shorts or swimsuit. Towel, change of clothes, water and maybe some snacks. We provide you all you will need in the water such as life jacket watsuit or harness. The rental price of those equipments and kite and board are included for the lessons. If you’re planning to have a refreshing lesson or lift you can even bring your own equipment.
It has been dangerous in the early years of the sport when everything was brand new and the kites still werent really safe and relatable and some serious accidents happened. However now with the new tecnologies and safety systems, combined with a good preparation of the instuctors, the sport has become definitly safe and you don’t have to be scared at all to try it out.